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The time (and possibly life) saving aspects of the Apartment Delivery Guide System data may best be shown with an example: Upon arrival at the Westview apartment complex and using local knowledge, or any of the current GPS systems, a driver is presented with a dilemma – how to find the unit he’s looking for? His GPS directed him to the street address, but once he entered the complex he’s considered off-road (and the complex’sweb site rarely has a detailed map). He may be aware of the complex’s information shown in the left column below – but he really needs the new and unique specific unit information collected by the Apartment Delivery Guide System, which is shown in the right column.


By following the steps shown in the next paragraph in our 

Apartment Delivery Guide System 

(currently under reconstruction - as of May 2017)

the driver is presented the informative report shown above. 

Select (going from left to right on the main screen) the State, City, Apartment Name, Apartment Number, and finally the Show Apartment  buttons from drop down menus (please refresh your browser if you get an "Error Server" message when you select City- this just indicates a site time-out). Even if he is familiar with the property, the driver still often requires confirmation of the unit's exact location. This report provides time-saving accessibility data at a glance.

For those maybe less familiar, clicking on the Show Google button provides a map (in either map or satellite view) of the selected unit’s surrounding area. As part of our data gathering process, we identify the three most important address points and indicate the exact location of each by the following:

  1. GREEN Flag indicates the primary entrance to the apartment community
  2. A BLUE Flag indicates the apartment complex’s office location
  3. RED Flag indicates a parking/standing spot - for closest sidewalk entry to unit

If you hover your mouse button over a flag the system will display "Entrance" for a green flag ", "Office" for a blue flag, and  Parking Spot - Pn" for a red flag (where n = 1,2,3..n). The “Entrance” is the most likely point of entry for the apartment complex chosen, although some units may be accessed more quickly from a surrounding street, as in this example.

What works best involves toggling between the above report and the Google and Site maps tabs; the driver negotiates somewhere close to Parking spot P2 (the location of the nearest sidewalk access to the unit’s front door – shown on the Google map as a red flag – it’s the second of these parking/standing places for building 14, starting from the left side of the building).  He sees that Apartment 14211 is in Building 14 , the front door is on the 2nd Floor and is accessed from the third full (goes all the way through) Breezeway (B3) from the left side of the building. Since fronts are shown on Site Maps and all directions are relative to the front (very important), the driver walks to the Back Right​ Location, which for this unit has Access From the Back Only. The bottom step of the Stairs to the unit is located at or near the Back of the building. This apartment has two doors, Notes tells the driver to Go to second door in back.

In general, the Location, Access From, Stairs, and Notes fields work together to show the “How?” part of arriving at the selected unit. If access is from a full breezeway the Breezeway field contains a numbered B entry (B1, B2, etc.), the Location field choices are: Back Left, Back Right, Front Left, Front Right, Middle Left, Middle Right, or See Notes. For full breezeways choices for Access From are: Front or Back (the most common), Back Only, Front Only, Left End, or Right End. If Front or Back, Stairs choices are Front and Back, Front and Middle, Middle and Back, or Middle and Middle.

If access to the unit is from a cut-in, or Partial Breezeway, the Breezeway field would contain a numbered PB entry (PB1, PB2, etc. – from left to right, top to bottom), or if access is from a door off  by itself (as in a one-story multiple unit building), the Breezeway field shows N/A; in either case the Location field would be Front, Middle, or Back, depending on the door’s relative position from the front of the building, and the Access From field would be Back Only, Front Only, Left End, or Right End. If Back Only and parking/standing is not available on either side or in back (i.e., if you must go around one side or the other to get to the unit, the Notes field will be either Right Entry or Left Entry; quicker entry to these back units might also be possible through one of the full breezeways, whereby the Notes field would contain something pertinent like “Go thru B1, then left”.