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​​Who can use information contained in the Apartment Delivery Guide database?

Anyone trying to find a particular apartment unit – Homeland Security; EMT services; the U. S. Census Bureau; mail carriers (USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, etc.); moving companies; food, flower, or furniture delivery personnel; bus, taxi, and limo drivers; cable and telephone installers and repairmen; the disabled; friends/relatives of tenants, etc. – could benefit from Apartment Delivery Guide data with its easy-to-use (it takes about 10 minutes to learn) terminology. 

The current mapping infrastructure of this nation does not help apartment tenants much. Imagine that a set of standards such as in this system; it would save a lot of valuable seconds (and for the less experienced driver in many cases minutes) of lost time - we know this from our own experience. We propose to use this same model as an excellent starter to initiate a positive form of apartment complex location standards throughout the U.S. 

What area does the Apartment Delivery Guide cover?

As of October 7, 2017, Apartment Delivery Guide data describes pertinent location information for 31,384 apartments in over 120 apartment complexes (some are old, some new, the smallest has 61 units, the largest has 1,183) in a contiguous area with a total population of approximately 250,000.  We believe this area, which includes most of the Dallas, Texas,   neighboring communities of Lewisville (19,674 units), Coppell (2,812 units), Flower Mound (1,125 units), northwest Carrollton (4,949 units), and now expanding to far north Dallas (826 units), Frisco (1,424 units) and The Colony (594 units), is truly representative of similar suburbs throughout North America. 

To make the system scalable, we have built a separate private maintenance (updates, additions, deletions, etc.) web site for future entry of data from anywhere - preferably from the apartment communities themselves, although just about anyone - EMT personnel, delivery drivers, veterans, etc. - could be a data gatherer with a few hours of training in our terminology and maintenance procedures. Given the proper backing (from either the private or public sectors), we believe that many jobs for U.S. or Canadian citizens could be created for compiling this valuable data. 

Having traveled over much of North America in the past 30+ years, the founder  developed an on-going interest in better (and more accurate) maps.  Our particular expertise is in knowing how to collect and standardize this data so it may be presented to drivers quickly and in an easily understandable format. 

Apartment Delivery Guide data could also be easily appended to voice "turn-by-turn" systems (please see our Example for detail on how this could be accomplished), none of which have this crucial information - guesswork on-site currently seems to be the norm when searching for a specific unit's front door - it doesn't have to be that way if you have pertinent location content in a data base such as Delivery Locator's.

Please visit our Apartment Delivery Guide System (currently under reconstruction - as of June 2018 - for now the Current Maps tab above works as a partial solution)

which works with all four major browsers, to see how the system works - on a desktop it presents well, it also works on most smartphones. 

At this  web site you can find directions to specific apartments (we also include corrected apartment community site maps - see Current Maps tab above) in the Texas cities shown above.

Prospective Buyers/Partners - please feel free to contact Bill Davison, Founder of Delivery Locator, at

(972) 315-6402 
or e-mail  if you would like to experience an on-site real-life “Delivery Locator Reality Tour” (almost a necessary step in appreciating the nuances of our system - we're just 6 miles north of D/FW Airport),or if you just have any questions. 

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Since retiring from a successful career in software sales, I have been working on this system for over 14 years (about 17,000 hours); our company seems to be the only one with any experience in this apartment arena. I am finally ready to sell this system (with all legal rights), then train others on how to gather the appropriate data, and would love to share my experiences/views.  

Our Google Maps developer and Apartment Delivery Guide System website host/manager, George White (recently deceased), was my colleague at the software company mentioned above;  he had many years experience with a wide variety of systems, as shown in

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